At this point, we are definitely counting down the days until the wedding! We can’t believe it is so close. It is funny, usually wedding-planning can be so high-stress–in fact, that seems to be the relative standard. Derrick and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to keep things as simple as possible to help alleviate that. Between maintaining our family dynamics making time for each other and extended family, and our jobs–life is busy enough! I’m sure all of you can relate.

We have been truly blessed in the fact that thus far, the most “stressful” part of planning everything has been selecting wedding attire. I only say “stressful,” because in case you don’t know, there are practically no dresses in an appropriate “copper” color. Ha! Thankfully, the maid- and matron-of-honour have found stunning dresses, despite this challenge.

With that said, I have had several guests ask me “What color should I wear?” this is kind of funny to Derrick and me because it is nothing we have ever thought of before. Hopefully, we can put some minds at ease. Although we will have a “dress code”–I guess? That phrasing makes it seem a little too “high school” for my tastes, but I digress–we are not asking that anyone adhere to a specific color palette. Of course, the respective wedding parties have guide lines, but as our guests, our greatest concern is that you are comfortable.

This is Florida.

We are acutely aware that it can be hot and humid, even in November. Many of our guests are from out-of-town as well. If you prefer to wear a lighter color to stave off the effects of the sunlight, please feel free to do so, even if you choose to wear white–gasp! I know. Trust us, it is fine.

Ultimately, we are looking forward to simply sharing this experience with you, and hope that you enjoy yourselves!