It’s interesting to think that the summer is nearly over. It is strange to think of how much time has passed since we sent out our Save-The-Dates to now. Honestly, this summer has been such a flurry of activity, and fortunately (or perhaps not, depending on your perspective) most of it has not included wedding plans. Honestly, so much of the “big stuff” was taken care of so quickly that up until now, we’ve really been able to relax and focus on life. (I mean, that is enough work in itself, right?)

Now, however, as the summer is coming to a close, we find ourselves hustling and bustling a bit. Women are on the hunt for dresses–or have found them!–and men are picking up the things they need. Wedding invitations are going out soon (so be sure to check the mail!) and it has been great fun creating the suite and putting them together.

Despite how much time has passed, November still seems a ways off. We have to keep reminding ourselves that “less than four months” isn’t that long.

In the mean-time, even if there isn’t much hands-on planning that Derrick and I have to do for the wedding, life will certainly keep us busy enough!